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iheartradio on Cincinnati Bell

There is a mobile app called iheartradio available for BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android mobile phones that lets you stream your favorite radio stations.  They offer 350+ Clear Channel stations to stream, and I’ve been using iheartradio for BlackBerry for quite a while now.  I recently tried to share the app with a colleague only to be met with annoying error messages such as “Unable to fetch configuration data” or “Unable to connect to stream”.  After lots of scouring the Interwebs, I found a short but sweet solution here.  As it turns out, the problem was specific to Cincinnati Bell (the problem was occurring on a Cincinnati Bell 8900 Curve), and after adding the APN information, it works like a champ.

In case the link is later broken or that mouse-click seems too strenuous, here’s the solution:

From the Home Screen, go to Options –> Advanced Options –> TCP/IP and enter wap.gocbw.com in the APN field.  Afterwards, iheartradio should connect and stream your favorite stations!

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