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Microsoft is giving away 100GB of cloud storage!

If you haven’t used Windows 8 before, you might not be too familiar with Microsoft’s OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive).  It’s been around for a while now, but with Windows 8, it was more in your face.  Many of the apps from the Microsoft Store can interact with files in your OneDrive, and with 8.1, OneDrive has deep integration with the Windows Explorer.

If you have a Windows LIVE account, you already have OneDrive (probably the 7GB they give to everyone for free).  If you want more storage, you pay an annual subscription for the amount you need.  It’s pretty simple, and not at all expensive (plans from 20GB to 200GB, all for $0.50/GB), but Microsoft is trying to lure in users to search with Bing and use their cloud storage by offering 100GB ($50 value) for free.

Let’s not mince words, though.  This is not perpetual storage.  If you want to keep that 100GB of data in your OneDrive after a year, you will need to fork over $50/year.  Also, in order to get it, you need to sign up for Bing Rewards.  Bing Rewards is free, and basically pays you to search.  There are other actions you can perform for bonus reward points, but the bread and butter of it is that you earn points for searching with Bing.  Then you redeem those points for cool stuff like gift cards to Amazon, Gamestop, restaurants, Starbucks, and more, as well as sweepstakes, and various online services.

If the idea of dropping $50 next year to keep your cloud storage isn’t a dealbreaker, I highly recommend you clicking the links and taking advantage of the offer while it lasts.

Bing Signup

100GB OneDrive offer

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