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Who wants a free BlackBerry PlayBook?

October 31, 2011 Leave a comment

It has been entirely too long since we last posted something here, but I do have something worthy of removing the cobwebs today (and it’s got nothing to do with Halloween).  If you’re in the market for a tablet, you may want to consider the BlackBerry PlayBook.  The QNX-based tablet performs very well multitasking and browsing the web, but if you have a BlackBerry smartphone, it just gets better.  The BlackBerry PlayBook can tether to your BlackBerry smartphone to securely extend your data connection as well as email and BBM functionality.  Provided your phone is within bluetooth range and has a data plan, there is no need for a separate data plan for your new tablet!

So let’s get back to the title (let’s face it, you’ve only read this far to find out how to get your hands on that free PlayBook, right?).  The free PlayBook offer is a buy two, get one free deal, with an additional kicker: all 3 tablets will include a free premium accessory!  You have your choice of an HDMI cable, leather sleeve, or quick charging stand.

Description MSRP Our price You save
3 16GB PlayBooks and HDMI Cables $1,616.97 $1,099.97 $517
3 32GB PlayBooks and HDMI Cables $1,916.97 $1,299.97 $617
3 64GB Playbooks and HDMI Cables $2,216.97 $1,519.97 $697
3 16GB PlayBooks and Charging Pods $1,706.97 $1,099.97 $607
3 32GB PlayBooks and Charging Pods $2,006.97 $1,299.97 $707
3 64GB PlayBooks and Charging Pods $2,306.97 $1,519.97 $787
3 16GB PlayBooks and Leather Sleeves $1,646.97 $1,099.97 $547
3 32GB PlayBooks and Leather Sleeves $1,946.97 $1,299.97 $647
3 64GB PlayBooks and Leather Sleeves $2,246.97 $1,519.97 $727

I will throw out a few disclaimers now:

  • These prices are limited in both time and quantity and subject to change without notice
  • We typically only deal with local businesses in the Cincinnati, OH metro area and certain eligibility requirements may apply

If you are interested, please call our office at 513-892-0027 and mention this blog post.  Depending on the quantity you are interested in, we may be able to provide an even better deal, but I can’t stress enough that this is a limited time and quantity offer.


RIM is literally giving away free PlayBooks!…or are they?

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I read an interesting article on BerryReview indicating that RIM would give PlayBooks to early developers.  Supposedly, this is a quote from Mike Lazaridis himself: “All you need to do is create an Adobe AIR application for the BlackBerry PlayBook and get it accepted to BlackBerry App World and you’ll get a free one.”  There is some speculation on whether every PlayBook app will earn the developer a PlayBook, and RIM is not being very forthcoming with clarification.  At first I was pretty excited, but after thinking about it, I’m guessing they will give PlayBooks to developers whose apps meet an undisclosed criteria.  While they might accept and approve basic applications that might get a few downloads, the free PlayBooks are likely reserved for those who submit apps that will be downloaded by the thousands.

Regardless, it can’t hurt to try, right?  You know who has two thumbs and is going to shoot for a free PlayBook?  This guy right here, that’s who.  Head on over to the Tablet OS Application Development page on to get your SDK and get started 🙂